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Yesterday was my cousin’s birthday, and my family held a Memorial Day Weekend barbecue in celebration. Unfortunately, I was not in attendance because I have priorities! Instead, I attended my friend’s Arrested Development Season 4 marathon. I was pleasantly surprised by the way that everybody went all out for the food and snacks that were designed to last us all eight hours and nine minutes!

I felt kind of bad that I was choosing a television show that will always be there over my family – especially after I had just moved away from home, but this social gathering was also about reuniting with my college roommate and proving to myself that I can travel away from New York, and that I am not one of those people who get so used to living in a city that they fear the rural suburbia that exists outside of its boundaries.

I honestly didn’t get to finish every episode. I fell asleep during episode five because it was boring and I was battling a hangover, but that power nap gave me the strength to finish the rest of the series. Regrettably, that did not happen because for some strange, unknown reason that eludes me, the girl that I brought along forced us to leave in the middle of episode thirteen. Forced is a strong word. I could have stayed, but one of the reasons that I brought her along was because I wasn’t in the mood to travel alone.

When I got back to my place, I finished episode thirteen and went straight to bed. It was late, and today I’ve been working hard so that my apartment can look decent for the housewarming that is never going to happen. But I’m finally relaxed and settled down and about to turn on the final two episodes of Arrested Development. Goodnight.

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  1. quitequaintrelle said: You have awesome friends
  2. bellesushi said: I’m jealous you got to try this food and I didn’t.
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