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I understand that I may not have the most popular spelling of my name, but whenever I communicate with other people I always make sure to spell their names correctly. I cannot comprehend why other people cannot make the effort to do the same for me.

It’s not hard. If we’re on facebook my name is right there in front of your stupid fucking face. Sometimes I actually go as far to wonder if people are purposely doing this to me to antagonize me. The place in which this phenomena makes my blood boil the most is in work emails. My name is in my email address and in my signature, and yet for some reason people cannot grasp the fact that my name is spelled E-R-I-K.

I don’t even know how to resolve this situation. I feel like it would be obnoxious to send somebody an email that says, “you have been misspelling my name for ten months.” But my only other option seems to be to continue allowing people to walk all over me. It sucks. Because I didn’t nip this problem in the bud, now my clients misspell my name too because my colleagues can’t seem to get it right. Argh.

Sometimes I feel like my only real option is to be passive aggressive and misspell everybody’s name who misspells mine. Oh what’s up Mice, you don’t like when I switch up the K in your name either? Well fuck you. 

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  1. mabtv3 said: Every day of my life. I have called people out on it and it’s momentarily awkward but then usually they spell it right after that. Though the really stupid ones forget.
  2. pro-pineapple said: The lady with the HR company w the genome center i got a job at keeps spelling my last name as hemjajani. i had to change every form she prefilled
  3. quitequaintrelle said: I’m bad with misspelling last names..but it shouldn’t matter unless I’m going to marry them right? I hope :( I usually like names spelled differently, like a Kaiden instead of Caden, so I pay a lot of attention to it.
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  5. sugarfreecandy said: Story of my life. It’s one “L” bitches!
  6. hommequipense said: Lmao! But, people always leave the middle E out of my name and it makes me loopy. Cablevision calls me Frederic. My tax return came back Federick. Not even close!
  7. bangbangry said: gee trade me. people can’t stop putting a k in erica.
  8. mynightmare said: My last name and middle name. I’ve had this struggle and will have it for life.
  9. cocksmell said: Ditto with me and Miles. It’s the worst when it’s in an email or on Facebook where you need to start typing my name to contact me anyways. Like if you type ‘Mi’ instead of ‘My’ shouldn’t I just not show up? I still open the birthday cards though.
  10. cloudpudding said: lmao I completely understand.
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