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Communal bathrooms.

I find it very difficult to have a conversation while I am brushing my teeth. My mouth is occupied, why are you trying to talk to me? And then I also really hate when someone from inside of a stall is trying to talk to me while they are defecating. There is just something unlawful about that situation. Now imagine my horror when I try brushing my teeth and somebody wants me to talk to them while they are pooping. 

I’m not a girl, so I don’t get it. Bathrooms are just not really social experiences for me. You get in, you finish what you’ve got to do, and you get out. Wait. I take that back. I’ve had plenty of social bathroom experiences with people that I like. I guess my dilemma in this situation is the fact that I don’t like you. So please don’t talk to me while you’re pooping. That could probably be a good rule of thumb for everybody.

I repeat, please don’t talk to me while you are pooping.

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