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The Worst Facebook Friends

  • Facebook IM: Blah blah blah...
  • Me: Text me. I don't have fb messenger.
  • Facebook IM: Blah blah blah...
  • Facebook IM: Blah blah blah...
  • Facebook IM: Blah blah blah...

I will never have a home
A place where I grew up
With a family that raised me

I will always just be a guest
Somewhere that I do not belong


I have always felt that Macbooks were style over substance, and that their operating system made doing everything much more difficult. Thus I’ve never desired one. However, I bought an iPod in 2006 and that piece of equipment, however faulty, still serves me well to this day. Because of the success that I had with my Nano, I chose an iPhone as my smart phone of choice back in 2012. At the time, Apple seemed to be at the top of the mobile market. A few months after my one-year warranty expired, the battery and the lock button on my 4S began to disintegrate. Now I am left with a junky phone.

I’ve been waiting patiently for a compact smartphone, but the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, with its medicore specs, turned out to be an AT&T exclusive. After that, I began holding my breath for the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, but now I’ve discovered that this phone is not going to be carried by anyone in the United States. As much as I despise Apple, it appears that no other telephone manufacturer is willing to create a competitive smartphone for Verizon. Therefore, despite how much I want to break away from Apple, I have no choice but to move forward with the massive iPhone 6. Apple isn’t even releasing a quality product, but unfortunately its competitors are not releasing any products at all. I am frustrated with the smartphone market.


If I ‘like’ this picture of Zack Effron maybe one day I will look like him.

Finally. The 27th time is the charm.

Finally. The 27th time is the charm.

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