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Any time spent wondering about what the hell your coworkers are doing in the restroom at work is too much time spent thinking about your coworkers recreational bathroom activities. But, I, just can’t help but wonder who is peeing on the floor, and notice that when certain employees are absent, these ‘spills’ are no longer an issue.


The hardest emotional burden of growing up without my parents in my life is the fact that I have nothing to fall back on. People who come from solid foundations, and that have felt love from the people who brought them into this world, will always have at least one person in their lives that they can say loves them unconditionally.

For those of us that don’t have that, when we meet new people who could be special to us — we must decide whether to let them be our all, or nothing at all. Because, since we have nothing to begin with, allowing this person into our lives will make them our everything.

But, if we’re too reluctant to open up and invite someone into our hearts, then these people just become another nothing to us. We understand this nothingness to be the only constant in our lives. We’ve been alone for far too long to believe otherwise.


As you may or may not know, I am the super of my apartment complex. Recently one of my tenants sent me a facebook message stating that he was going to kill himself. He is like a 40 year-old man. I guess that I am finally getting to live out my dream of being a college RA, except on a grander, more professional and realistic adult scale.


This morning during my commute to work, there was a parent in my train cart with a baby carriage. I tend to flop between ‘oh that thing is kind of cute and I look forward to having one of my own’ and ‘ew what a horrible aberration keep it away from me.’ This morning I was feeling the latter, so I moved away from the carriage to give the baby some space to breathe because I am not that monstrous in character.

I did however avert my gaze from ever setting sight onto the little tike because yuck. That was until it was my stop, and I had to move past the carriage. I casually glanced down to see what had me uncomfortably keeping my distance, and it turned out to be a few bags of groceries. I forgot that people occasionally use strollers as shopping carts and not for transporting babies that are too weak to walk on their own.


Sometimes I see a MILF carrying a child, and I’m just like damn, how can she carry that chubby creature for that much time. I love a strong and healthy lady. I don’t think that I could carry a grown woman for that long. That’s probably why girls prefer the men with biceps.

Fit, active bodies are hot.

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